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Half Day Tour: Marrakech to Agafay

1. Depart from Marrakech: Start your journey by arranging transportation, whether it's hiring a private driver or joining a guided tour from Marrakech to Agafay in the afternoon.

2. Camel Ride: Arrive at the stunning Agafay Desert, a rocky desert landscape located just outside of Marrakech. Begin your adventure with a camel ride, where you can experience the traditional mode of desert transportation and enjoy the slow pace of the camel trek while taking in the panoramic views of the surrounding desert.

3. Quad Driving: After your camel ride, get your adrenaline pumping with some exciting quad driving in the Agafay Desert. Explore the rugged terrain on a quad bike and enjoy the thrill of navigating through the desert dunes and hills.

4. Sunset Dinner at a Camp Restaurant: After sunset, head to a desert restaurant in Agafay for a memorable dinner experience. Enjoy a delicious Moroccan meal with local specialties, such as tagine or couscous, while soaking in the unique ambiance of the desert surroundings.


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